cat_enversa_companiesEnversa Companies is a family of online media properties and proprietary technologies committed to delivering measurable results for advertisers and agencies alike. Organically created, our pioneering media and advertising technologies are mashed together to create customized performance campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands.
cat_t2T² Communications is a leader in telecommunications and entertainment service delivery via next-generation technology. Utilizing IPTV, Fiber to the Home, and other industry leading products, T² Communications specializes in providing phone, television and internet services to home and businesses on a local and national level.
cat_tinydialTinyDial enables mobile devices to connect consumers seamlessly and easily to cellular customer support, business associates, family, friends and media personalities. TinyDial lets you send free messages and soon to make free calls to other TinyDial users, on iOS Devices and Android with more to come! TinyDial seamlessly imports your contacts and preferences from your mobile device making the information accessible directly from the TinyDial application. When you use TinyDial, you are participating and advancing a more connected world and we believe that a more connected world is worth developing for.